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Custom Web Applications

We have a long history of developing Custom Web Applications to meet the requirements of small and large business alike. Some of the needs we fulfill require the need to perform operational business activities and mission critical customer focused activities.

What Kind of Web Applications Are We Developing?

We're building many types of web applications, including:

bus operations software

The web applications we've built include the bus & coach industry!

Mission critical health services

Some major public hospitals rely on our software to help manage their busy departments.

CRM software

We know how to get Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in shape!


We design and develop custom websites to specifically meet your needs!

cloud solutions

We're building solutions every day designed to be delivered to the cloud.

ticketing systems

Our experience in high volume online ticketing is amazing!

Mission Critical Applications

We're experienced in dealing with high traffic volume applications that require load balanced, multi server, environments that need to be available 24x7x365.

What's a Web Application & What's the Cloud?

Traditionally Web Applications are a piece of software that is installed on a computer. Due to the improved speed of Internet access to businesses it is now common for applications to be completely delivered via the web. A cloud application is running entirely online and is referred to as running "in the cloud".

Some people may refer to a web application for example if they simply require a web site with a shopping cart.