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Systems Integration

Many organisations & businesses use different software and Excel spreadsheets to manage different departments and data to complete tasks. But without your IT, web or software systems communicating with each other, your business will fail to work as efficiently and productively as it should. Double handling data by manually imputing it into a different system because of the lack to tools leads to mistakes and time consuming tasks for staff. Our experience provides us with the insight to help analyse the business benefits of implementing integrated solutions.

To maintain a competitive advantage in the constantly shifting global marketplace businesses must leverage the right mix of information technology, software, and hardware with the right networks

Whether you need to integrate all systems in your current digital ecosystem, or upgrade your current platform , we will provide a smooth integration process.Our team ensures any data that needs to be transferred comes over accurately and without duplication, so its integrity is maintained across all systems and processes.


Building a new system to run all your current data sources can be costly and resource-intensive. Integrating your systems accomplishes the same, without the costs. Connecting your data allows for more efficient information sharing ultimately saving you time and money.

Case Study

This is a basic example of a real world scenario. The parts of the business process include:

  • A user of a public web site needs to place orders
  • Public orders need to communicate in real time to a warehouse and head office
  • Public orders require stock levels in real time
  • Head office need to manage orders
  • Head office need to communicate with manufacturers to create and track orders
  • Mobile sales staff need to check stock levels, place and track orders

In many cases each point may have suitable software products that meet the requirements of the individual parts well, however they may not be able to share data in real time. As a result, business the process can involve time consuming tasks of making phone calls, sending emails and keeping spreadsheets to communicate and track data.

Our skills provide the ability to develop bridging software to close the gaps, allowing systems to communicate with one another and make business more productive.