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Our Work

We have a wealth of experience developing applications of all shapes and size, some of which include the following.


Cineplex Australia

We are very experienced at developing solutions for Australia's largest independent cinema chain, Cineplex Australia. Their requirements includes high volume, mission critical, online sales and ticketing systems. Some of the work we have completed includes:

  • Public web site hosted in multi server, load balanced, environment
  • POS integrated online sales
  • Touch screen ticket redeeming software
  • iPhone applications
  • Android applications
  • Business operations Windows and web applications

This is a small sample of the work we have completed. One of the stand out features of our work here is the ability to create business critical online ticket sales that facilitate millions of transactions each year.

Buslink Vivo

Our work with Buslink Vivo has been to create a web application to run their day-to-day operations. Buslink Vivo are a contract bus service who have complex operational requirements to manage approximately 300 bus drivers and 180 buses running 150 services per day. Some of the work we have completed includes:

  • Run management
  • Automated schedule calculations
  • Driver administration
  • Rostering solutions
  • Driver run swapping features

Bulink Vivo have relied on their web applications for their operations for several years. Having a system that is reliable and stable to manage their day-to-day operations is critical to their continued operations.

Hospital Roster Systems

HRS is an innovative solution that was created by Chilli Pepper Media with guidance from the PA hospital in Brisbane.

HRS has been focused towards the management and operations of emergency departments in large public hospitals. Since it was first established it has grown to be in many public hospitals throughout QLD and interstate. The features of HRS include:

  • Staff rostering
  • Staff payroll reporting
  • Staff shift swapping
  • Staff leave reporting
  • Advanced electronic billboard for on-floor display
  • Doctor communication tools

HRS continues to grow in functionality topwards being an international quality product, powered by Chilli Pepper Media.

Brisbane House Values

We have unparale

Brisbane House Values carved new territory in being the first implementation of Core Logic data to produce Automated Value Model (AVM) reports. While there are web sites that offer users free AVM reports Brisbane House Values was the first, innovative, solution to produce a full AVM report in real time.

Chilli Pepper Media was crucial in the process of establishing contact with Core Logic, facilitating access to the Core Logic API and finally developing the solution.

Vehicle Leasing & Salary Packaging

We have unparalleled experience in the field of novated leasing and related salary packing activities.

Some of the feature rich software we have developed in this industry features:

  • CRM functionality
  • Complex FBT novated lease calculations
  • Quote tracking functionality
  • Account reconciliation
  • Account data importing
  • Advanced reporting

Our experience with the business logic and associated software development means anyone in this industry can maximise their product offering through our skills.